Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Updated Project

So I have created some images using photoshop at the beginning of the summer hoping that I would actually have a new website up by now. However due to time I haven't gotten very far and would actually like to do it over again. I'm not use to using photoshop for designing other then when I had to use it in certain courses. I mostly use it to correct images. I have always loved art and love to paint and draw so I wanted to use that skill with the website and to help design it. I want the site to have an artsy look to it and something that is very creative. However, in the past I have had some trouble coming up with some good ideas. I see some things in my mind but when I try to create them, especially on the computer, I get frustrated.

I have been thinking about the different links to create and the type of information that I would put onto the site but I think that I still need to recap and do some research as to what a graduate school would want and even get in contact with my advisor in England to see what he would suggest that I put up so that my prof's can see that I actually know what I'm doing and will accept me into the video program which is my main purpose for studying abroad. So I tell myself everyday that I am going to do this and it has been several months and never got around to it. So I suppose what I'm trying to state is that tonight's goal is to sit down and do some much needed emailing to know what I should put up and do some researching for designs and information that I should put up.

As for the flash animation I am thinking of piecing parts of the website together in order to make it...sorta like hey look at this amazing preview and then hit an enter button. So I suppose you could even call it a teaser ;) Then again I'm still need to learn flash which I know I will put off till that last minute because that's how I roll. I will hopefully at least get the rest of the site done and the animation started. The only downer is that I didn't bring up some of my projects that I wanted to stick on the site so I will have to do that at home and I refuse to ask my mom to look for them and send them up. However I do have some videos that I have done that I could put up and some people at work who I can contact about putting the other's on the server back home so that I can access them. I'm sure I will figure something out without stressing to much at the same time.

The other thing that has me worried about is dreamweaver. I know how to use it for the most part but I believe that the image in my mind which is hard to explain will be easy to create seeing how I don't know how to use the software to it's advantage. Then again I may not use dreamweaver. Hum so many possibilities! Well thats about it not now. I'm sure I will think about something later...and I will try to blog about it...but I seem to be rather bad at this whole blogging thing. I'm not one to write down my thoughts very much I tend to like to talk out loud and scare peoples :)


Blogger Sarah said...

Hey Emilee, sounds like things are moving in a good direction. An ASTPer from last year did a personal portfolio, and she has a couple of links to interesting portfolio sites that you might be interested in. This type of research is probably a good idea anyway, to give you inspiration as well as ideas of what not to do. :)

I like idea of a Flash teaser for your work - sounds like a cool way to have an dynamic aspect to your portfolio. Would it be something that people see before they get to your site, or an element on the site that's always there, like off to one side? I think it's definitely something you can accomplish with the Flash instruction you'll get here.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Bryan Alexander said...

What Sarah said.

And: what do you envision for an audience?

10:52 AM  
Blogger Bryan Alexander said...

PS: scaring people is usually a fine idea!

12:12 PM  

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