Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Techbio take two

So here's an update on where I stand with technology since my last techbio. I still see it being a huge chunk of my life. However, I have noticed that in the evening's I have tried to steer spending time on my computer either surfing the web or talking to friends through aim. After dinner I usually try to force myself to read a book until I decide that it's time to pass out. To be honest with you I have read a lot since I have been here and it baffles me because I am now wondering what I use to do with all my time at home since I usually end my day at 5 and still end up cooking dinner. Well, I suppose we will find that out next week when i'm back at home and working once again.

As far as how much my knowledge of technology has advanced is that I have learned my way around dreamweaver, which I wasn't to familiar with to start out. So that I'm proud of. One down of this experience is that I thought that I would have finished the base of my site last week. I never expected to still be working on editing it this week. So in reality I feel I am at the same point with technology as I was coming it.

I'm really excited to see where technology will go in the future and also excited to see the type of technology that I will be working with when I arrive in England.


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