Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Shapes of Medium

After our session this morning we were asked to find a website and use the mediums that we learned this morning and compare them to a website of our choice. The website that I decided to use is new.bbc and picked an article that I am formular with and sorta out of the ord. A lot of you who are willing to take the time to read it I hope you enjoy. The article is about an event in Glouscestershire, the town over where I will be stayin in England next year, called cheese rolling. I almost had the honor of witnessesing this event last summer but ended up missing it because my group came home about two or three days before the event so hopefully I will be able to go next year.
  • Cheese Rolling

  • Shapers of Medium
    - Technology Constraints and Possibilities
    - Institutional Practices (tells you what you should do how long a movie should be)
    - Cultural Circulation

    The constraints of the article to me would eb the fact that you can't put everything up on the web or tell about people's personal experience which I feel is important. Even though I know an over view of what the article is about I would also like to have personal experience and to eventually one day witness the actual event.

    The institualtional Practices would be the event itself and the rules that the "players" have to follow such as running after the cheese and the winner is allowed to keeep a cheese as their prize.

    Cultural Circulation, hum this is an interesting one, because I'm guessing none of you have ever heard of cheese-rolling and may find it rather odd. So the Cultural in England is different then in America so I feel that that plays a part in the cultual circulation. I'm sure people here would look at you funny if you roll a large cheese down a hill and start running after it. They might think that you are on drugs or intoxicated by other substances. However, in England this is a major event and draws people in from all over. They actually weren't able to hold the event about 3 years ago because of the earthquake in Turkey because they call upon many of the medics to come to the event because believe it or not several people have died from getting hit with the large cheese. Try picturing that headline...Woman killed by 7 ft cheese rolling at so many mph.
  • Monday, July 18, 2005


    My name is Emilee Spokus and I'm from Juniata College in Huntingdon, PA. As for back as I can remember I have always had a computer even if it was for playing video games. I have been exposed to the internet since about 5th grade which is around 11 years now. So I suppose you can say I really haven't lived without the net. I am like most people addicted to spend most of my spare time on the web searching and reading news articles and talking to my friends on aim. When I was a senior in high school I was exposed to video and feel in love with it and decided that I would try to persue video work, however, my mother use to feel that my interest was just a hobby and not a career. But I think that I have finally proven her wrong. My first semester at Juniata I was part of the elementary education department and hated it along with Juniata at the time. After a few weeks I decided I wanted to transfer until I was introduced to the digital media program which I decided to try out before making the decission to transfer. I found that through the program I found what I wanted and stayed at Juniata which I am still there to this day. I was also offered a job working for what is now called the Digital Media Zone (DMZ). Over the past two years I have edited two major projects, a documentary on our local movie theatre and our theatre production that I had the honor of not only being the editor of the project but also the assistant director. In the next several weeks after I leave CET I will be heading to England for a year to further my education at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham about 2 hours west of London. There I plan on taking courses that Juniata doesn't offer to help get me into a masters program in video work.

    I am mostly interested in video but I am willing to learn new programs. I have also always loved photography and still enjoy developing my own film when time allows for it. However, in the mean time I just use my digital camera. I especially enjoy going on hikes and taking photographs. My first adventure to England was last summer on a digital photography course that Juniata offers to the students and feel in love with the university, which is the same one that I will be attending in a few weeks.

    Until I leave for England and when I return back to Juniata I will be again working for the DMZ to finish up some last minute things and finish off a few projects. We recently finished a camp where I was named one of the producers to help at least two of our campers direct their own film. The majority of the films were about 10 minutes long and probably some of the best works that our campers have made in the past several years that the camp has been up and running. So over the past few years I have gotten more and more into digital media and video work and hope that through CET I will learn more about programs and I don't already know and come up with a good idea for my project, which currently I am not sure what I'm going to do.