Thursday, August 04, 2005

Domain happiness!

Ok guys so I decided to go with siteground. And they weren't that badly priced. So once I figure out how to get some of the stuff that I have been working on I will let you know so see what you think.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well you guys gave me a lot to think about and I'm mostly researching today about web domains and I didn't even think about googling ones that support dreamweaver...sometimes the smallest details are the one you over look...oh well. I plan on checking out everyone's suggestions and I appreciate them all. I did find a domain that supports dreamweaver and seems to be a good one but I was wondering if anybody has heard of it... ...I hope to pick a domain today so that I don't have to to stress about and I can just work out the website which is slowly coming along.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Web portfolio

So yeah I suck at this blogging unless Bryan wouldn't remind us about it. I also figured I should write something before randomly passing out for the evening. So here's the deal. I'm not to good with dreamweaver...actually we really don't like each other at time nor does photoshop. So the real change right now is to figure what I want my website to look like and make dreamweaver do it. Which will hopefully help when I get the book that I ordered about dreamweaver, so yeah. I have my template done for the mail website but I would still like this amazing opening page that links to the main site. I also haven't figured out what to do with the "home" page. I finally found some web portfolios but they were rather lame to say the least. I figured if I need to do an online portfolio why not show my skills even more and make this something that I'm proud of and people look at it and be like wow that's awesome instead of oh yeah another one to get information from. Also I need to wow my prof's in England so that I can get into my classes. Speaking of which they really suck at returning email..even worse then I though bc I haven't gotten any feedback on suggestions about what I should include. I have like an about me page and basically the same thing that I use to apply to ASTP but this time around it looks a lot better. I thought about making the main page some type of artwork. maybe using photoshop or illustrator and combine some things and then I still need to figure out what to do with flash. I want the flash animation to be the main "first" page you get to...I suppose it would be considered the index and then another "main" page once you entered that with links linking to different pages. So if anybody has cool suggestions to do in dreamweaver or even something for flash let me know. I was thinking about making the flash thing about 10-30 secs long (10 seems to short and 30 seems to long) but i want it to be a tease of some sort and to move fast. So if that helps at all I would appreciate any suggestions anybody has. Mostly the next few days I'm going to be working on creating the website itself and linking stuff and writing some stuff. I also need to look into getting a domain or webspace. I would like a domain so if anybody has any info that they would like to share that would be great. I was talking to my bro about it the other day but he sorta lacks at the returning phone calls bc he said he would look into some things. Well thats about where I am now. All suggestions welcome