Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Techbio take two

So here's an update on where I stand with technology since my last techbio. I still see it being a huge chunk of my life. However, I have noticed that in the evening's I have tried to steer spending time on my computer either surfing the web or talking to friends through aim. After dinner I usually try to force myself to read a book until I decide that it's time to pass out. To be honest with you I have read a lot since I have been here and it baffles me because I am now wondering what I use to do with all my time at home since I usually end my day at 5 and still end up cooking dinner. Well, I suppose we will find that out next week when i'm back at home and working once again.

As far as how much my knowledge of technology has advanced is that I have learned my way around dreamweaver, which I wasn't to familiar with to start out. So that I'm proud of. One down of this experience is that I thought that I would have finished the base of my site last week. I never expected to still be working on editing it this week. So in reality I feel I am at the same point with technology as I was coming it.

I'm really excited to see where technology will go in the future and also excited to see the type of technology that I will be working with when I arrive in England.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Site is up!

Hey everyone thought that I should do a status report and let ya all know that my website is up and working for the most part. A few things that i would like to change but I'm not going to worry about that now. The only links that work are the project, resume, and contact for right now. I haven't written anything for the other two yet. I haven't really come up with something that I like. I was thinking about making the home page an about me page and instead of the about me page do like and up to date thing about current projects that I'm working on semi like a blog but not. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Also the site is just My Site